Since 2004, Superior Process Technologies has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Baker Commodities, Inc., a major rendering company involved with the recycling of animal byproducts and used cooking oils.  Baker acquired SPT as a logical addition to their corporation, to assist in developing process methods to convert rendered oils into higher valued products, such as biodiesel and glycerin.    Of particular interest to Baker was SPT’s knowledge of traditional oleochemical processing techniques (as well as novel approaches) that allow the economic production of methyl esters from waste oils that contain high amounts of free fatty acids (FFA), which are problematic using traditional biodiesel processing methods.

Superior Process Technologies has designed several Biodiesel plants of varying capacities, of both batchwise and continuous process types, for Baker Commodities, and other clients. 

SPT has also studied, and technically demonstrated a variety of other biomass-to-renewable-energy conversion technologies of interest to Baker Commodities.  These include developing process designs for anaerobic digestion of rendering plant feedstocks to produce biogas, and gasification of rendered biomass to produce syngas.  These gaseous biofuels can be used to generate renewable electrical power using, either, gas turbines or Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technologies.

If you are interested in getting into the biomass-to-energy industry, we invite you to check out our capabilities at SPT and how we may serve you.