Doug Smith – General Manager: Doug is a degreed Analytical Chemist; he earned both a BS Degree in Chemistry and a BAS in Business and Finance, from Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina. Doug has represented Baker Commodities, and Superior Process, on the National Biodiesel Board (NBB) and served on the NBB Governing Board from 2008 through 2012. Doug has worked in the Oleochemicals and Rendering Industries for over 25 years, as a plant chemist, and GC analysis expert.

Kirk Cobb – Senior Process Design Engineer: Kirk completed a BS in Chemical Engineering at Ohio University, and an MS in Chemical Engineer from Michigan State University. He has worked in the pharmaceutical, detergent, and oleochemicals industries for more than 35 years, with 24 of those years working in the chemical division of a large paper company in the southeastern US. Kirk has designed and installed chemical plant projects domestically and internationally.

Joe Valdespino – Process Design Engineer: Joe completed a BS in Chemical Engineering at the University of Florida. Joe’s expertise includes not only process design, but also project capital cost estimating. Joe has worked in the mining industry, and oleochemicals for more than 30 years, with 20 of those years in the chemical division of a major southeastern US paper company. He has engineered both domestic and international projects.

Cliff Tallman – AutoCad Designer: Cliff completed an Associate Degree in Mechanical Design, when engineering drawings were done on the drawing board with pencil, paper, sepias, and blue-prints! As the drafting craft became computerized, Cliff moved with the times, and is accomplished in Auto-Cad and Cadworx. Cliff’s work experience spans more than 25 years, including 18 years as a Facilities Engineer at the Ford Motor Co. in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Erik Anderson – Laboratory Manager: Erik completed a BS Degree in Chemistry at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota. Erik has worked in the chemistry lab, running biodiesel syntheses, including every unit operation that will be used in the commercial plant design. Erik has also run lab-scale anaerobic digesters, and a host of analytical methods, including wet analyses, Karl Fisher, TKN, COD, GC-FID, GC-MS, to support process development work. Erik works full-time and is also pursuing graduate studies at the University of Minnesota.

Remember: Safety First, in the Lab and in the Plant!

Remember: Safety First, in the Lab and in the Plant!