All cattle, dairy, and poultry operations generate a lot of animal wastes to be disposed of. Landfills are full, and you can only spread it so far!

Each day, Rendering plants process tons of slaughterhouse wastes and deadstock that would otherwise represent a similar solid waste problem. A profitable alternative to landfilling such organic waste materials, is to anaerobically digest them and convert the biomass to biogas, which is rich in methane. This biogas can be processed into “renewable” natural gas, or used as fuel to generate “renewable” electricity, using gas turbines. In some cases, this option can be an attractive alternative to rendering. The SPT process development effort started at the laboratory scale, where we ran anaerobic fermentors continuously for nearly a year, producing biogas containing 71% methane.

We also have extensive lab-scale experience digesting high-protein feedstocks, and have developed a process method that controls pH and removes excess ammonia from the process water, thus allowing its recycle without disturbing the AD bacteria. The data from these laboratory tests were then used to scale up the process to commercial-sized fermentors, and utilizing biogas in gas turbines for electrical power generation.

Laboratory Anaerobic Digesters

(Laboratory Anaerobic Digesters)

Commercial Scale Anaerobic Plant Design

(Commercial Scale Anaerobic Plant Design)