Organic waste materials can also be converted to renewable energy via biomass gasification.  An organic waste can be partially oxidized to produce syngas and bio-char.  The bio-char can be separated from the syngas and used as a soil amendment.  The syngas can then be completely combusted and the thermal energy recovered to generate electrical power.  Any organic waste can be evaluated via “Proximate” and “Ultimate” analyses; these data can then be used to develop an engineering design for renewable electrical power generation.  Superior Process engineers have tested numerous organic waste materials, on the pilot scale at the Energy & Environmental Research Center at the University of North Dakota.  These test results were then used as a basis for commercial biomass gasification plant design.

Biomass Gasification System – EERC, Grand Forks, North Dakota

(Biomass Gasification System – EERC, Grand Forks, North Dakota)

Stainless Steel Syngas Combustion Chamber

(red hot 6-inch diameter stainless steel Syngas Combustion Chamber)