Energy Consumption - Acid Esterifciation Vs Glycerolysis - Biodiesel Magazine - JulyAugust2012.pdf

This article, written by Kirk Cobb, Senior Process Design Engineer here at Superior Process Technologies, was published in the 2012 July/August Issue of Biodiesel Magazine. It addresses many misconceptions about the use of glycerolysis as the pretreatment for biodiesel production.


The_Many_Faces_of_Distillation - Biodiesel_Magazine_-_March_2013.pdf

This article focuses on the growing need to impliment distillation columns throughout the biodiesel process.  As biodiesel specifications continually become tighter, and lower quality feed stocks are more frequently used, the need for a more refined final product is ever growing.  Personnel from Superior Process Technologies and Baker Commodities are cited throughout the article.

This article, featured in the 2014 May issue of Biodiesel Magazine, was written by Erik Anderson, Laboratory Manager at Superior Process Technologies. This article studies the chemical kinetics of the glycerolysis reaction of low grade feedstocks using varying temperatures.