Engineering Renewable Fuels for the Future

Who We Are

Superior Process Technologies is a Chemical Process Development and Design company. Our engineers and chemists collectively have over 60 years of experience in the Oleochemicals and Rendering industries; therefore, our primary focus has been the process development of biodiesel fuels made from high FFA waste oils such as brown grease, yellow grease, and rendered oils. We have also done extensive lab work, and process engineering design in the areas of biogas from anaerobic digestion, and syngas production from biomass gasification; both of these technologies lead to "renewable" electrical power generation, using gas turbines in the case of biogas, or Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) power generation in the case of syngas combustion.

What We Do

Our work often begins in the laboratory, simulating each process step at actual process conditions (temperature, pressure, vacuum, etc.) to confirm process design conditions for a full-scale commercial plant. The laboratory data are then used as a basis for process design: developing Mass and Energy Balances, Process Flow Drawings (PFD's), Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID's), Plant Layout Drawings, Equipment and Instrument Specs, Capital Cost Estimates, and evaluating project economics. When our business partners agree with the economic evaluation, the project begins; ordering equipment, hiring contractors, construction, installation, operator training, and plant start-up.

Mission Statement

By utilizing biomass-based feedstocks for fuel and energy production, our society can move toward an energy system that is renewable, sustainable, "Green", and environmentally benign, replacing fossil carbon with biogenic carbon, and moving away from fossil-based carbon and the long-term environmental consequences that may result. Every gallon of renewable fuel that we produce and consume, reduces our carbon footprint, moves us toward energy independence, and continues to grow the domestic economy with jobs here at home.