Our process design for the manufacture of Biodiesel is based on years of experience in the Oleochemicals Industry. Of all the pretreatment options for low cost, high FFA feed oils (steam stripping, caustic washing, acid esterification, and glycerolysis) we have identified “Glycerolysis” as the most energy efficient, cost effective, and robust of all the options. We (SPT) have spent the last 6 years refining the glycerolysis process and incorporating it into our signature biodiesel process design.

The most cost effective feed stocks for biodiesel production are also the highest in FFA, and darkest in color (yellow grease, brown grease, rendered oils, etc.). So, we begin the process of methyl ester production via pretreatment of these low end feed oils, with glycerolysis, to incorporate the free fatty acids into methyl ester product, instead of just removing them; this increases overall product yield. Furthermore, this process removes water from the feed oils, and avoids the formation of water (as from acid esterification), simplifies the downstream separation operations, and eliminates the need for a methanol distillation drying column, and the high energy use it creates. These process design attributes save significant energy and capital costs. We complete our biodiesel process with vacuum distillation of the crude methyl esters, to assure the highest quality of the finished biodiesel product, meeting or exceeding all ASTM-D-6751 and/or EN-14214 specifications.  Superior Process has combined these standard oleochemical techniques with several proprietary process steps to create an overall process that is unique to the biodiesel industry, assuring not only quality product but also "process reliability", and with "process safety" built in as well. 

When you ask us (SPT) to design a conventional Biodiesel plant for you ……we can do that……
But, we are 100% confident that we will convince you to do it the “SPT” way!

Our standard biodiesel plant design is a continuous process for all unit operations, running for 8,400 hours per year, and producing 10 million gallons/year of finished biodiesel. This design can be scaled up, or down, to any size commercial plant. We can adjust our process design to a small batch plant (1 to 3 mgpy) or scale a continuous plant from 5 to 20 mgpy. We can also "retrofit" specific pretreatment or post-treatment unit operations into your existing plant.

Superior Process Technologies can take biodiesel process design from the Laboratory:

Lab ApparatusLab Biodiesel

To the finished operating plant:

3D Auto-Cad Biodiesel Plant Design

(3D Auto-Cad Biodiesel Plant Design – feed oil pretreatment, methyl ester production, methanol recovery, biodiesel distillation, plant utilities, tank farm)